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Category: Branding | Web | Packaging

Brand Mark

The ILuvEmoji™ brand was designed to be viewed as a fun and playful take on the ever so popular graphic Emojis. Through the creative expression of Emojis, I designed new and unique products to bring to the marketplace. Some of the product line I helped create includes Emoji stickers,

plush, magnets, tattoos, pool floats,

jewelry, air fresheners, balloons, school

supplies and more.

The web store was designed and created through the e-commerce company Shopify. The store includes over 300+ Emoji products, news and information about your favorite Emojis and has features such as engaging weekly polls and a secure, easy to use checkout process.

Web | Mobile

Pool Raft Design

All products and packaging were designed in house at the ILuvEmoji™ Office in Costa Mesa, CA. Product designs were then sent to undergo  development and production in product factories overseas.

Golf Ball Packaging

Mylar Balloon Design